Public information

The Association of Dental hygienists of the Czech Republic (ADH CR)

ADH CR is a non-profit organization, a non-governmental organization, free from any political ties. ADH CR was founded in May 2000 in Prague. ADH CR is a professional organization uniting dental hygienists from the whole Czech Republic in their common cause of promoting dental health.

The stated purposes of ADH CR are to:

  • Safeguard and defend the interests of the profession of dental hygiene hygienists, and represent and advance the profession.
  • Cooperate with the Czech Dental Chamber, with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, with the Government of the Czech Republic and with international professional organizations.
  • Support the development of the dental hygiene profession.
  • Promote and coordinate the exchange of knowledge and information about the profession, its education, evidence-based research, and best practice.
  • Promote access to quality preventive oral health services and foster social responsibility programmes to enhance oral health.
  • Increase public awareness that oral disease can be prevented through proven regimens and can have significant impact on general health.
  • Promote the highest standards in education, research, and the practice of dental hygiene.
  • Promote and encourage professional advancement of members.
  • Enhance professional proficiency as well as personal relationships of colleagues with common professional interest and duty requirements.