Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist carries out his/her work according to Public Notice No 55/2011 Coll., on activities of medical workers and other special staff, is from 14/12/2017 amended by the Regulation No 391/2017 as follows:

§ 16

Dental hygienist

(1) A dental hygienist carries out activities according to § 3 (1) and further without a professional supervision and indication is allowed to:

a) educate, instruct the patients on regular and systematic preventive care of oral hygiene,

b) set the level of individual hygiene, practice procedures and techniques of oral hygiene and check its effectiveness,

c) carry out collective health-educational activity focused on dental caries prevention, periodontitis, orthodontic anomalies and rational nutrition,

d) carry out, in cooperation with a dentist, research in the field of dentistry, particularly in the field of dental hygiene.

(2) A dental hygienist, without a professional supervision in accordance with the diagnosis and individual treatment provided by a dentist is allowed to perform prophylaxis of the oral cavity including discovery of early pathological changes and prevention of their deterioration. She/he is allowed to in particular:

a) provide initial and regular examination of the oral cavity, including obtaining a medical case history, evaluation of the periodontal and soft tissues condition, orientation assessment of the dental condition and its caries,

b) carry out the denture prints,

c) remove dental plaque and tartar from interdental and supragingival spaces, polish the teeth surface with prophylactic materials,

d) remove subgingival tartar within nonsurgical treatment,

e) carry out the treatment of sensitive dentin and apply prophylactic materials, such as fluoride solutions,

f)  provide removal of retention sites of plaque and surface fills finishes,

g) set the individual treatment plan of dental hygiene and on its basis carry out conservative non-surgical therapy, namely initial, maintenance and supportive antimicrobial one; an individual dental hygiene treatment plan can be set out only within the limits of individual treatment determined by a dentist,

h) perform non-invasive applications of antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial medicinal products supragingivally and also into subgingival spaces,

i) burnish the teeth roots;

j) perform a closed curettage,

k) remove pigments with prophylactic materials and with special tools,

l) make study models,

m) inform the treating dentist about the results of the treatment and recommend a dental examination in 6 months at the latest.

(3) A dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist is allowed to

a) perform the activities of a dental instructor according to § 40 the public notice 22/2011 Coll.,

b) perform the application of the surface anaesthesia for surface gums numbness,

c) change the rubber accessories for fixed orthodontic appliances,

d) perform teeth whitening and similar aesthetic treatments and recommendations for individual home teeth whitening.

(4) A dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist may perform the fissure sealing.